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Living simply | Leavenworth event focuses on the basics

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Nicole Haskey opens her chicken coop for the day on Monday at her home in Merry Canyon near Leavenworth. She is teaching the class, "Backyard Chickens 101" Sunday for the Sustainable Living & Farming Tour. Haskey has raised her six chickens for two years, building the coop out of recyclable lumber.

LEAVENWORTH — “That’s a big one!” Rachel Bishop said, cutting a large zucchini free from the vine one Wednesday morning in August at Annie’s Fun Farm, where she gleans excess produce at least once a week.

Bishop is the Food Programs Manager at Upper Valley MEND, which is part of an upcoming Sustainable Living and Farming Tour in Leavenworth Sept. 16-18. Attendees of the free tour can glean produce, learn to conserve and attend a chicken-keeper workshop.

Rachel and zucchini

Rachel Bishop gleans excess zucchini and other produce at Annie's Fun Farm in East Wenatchee.

Upper Valley MEND Food Programs manager

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Nicole Haskey pours barley she sprouted for her chickens to eat.

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Nicole Haskey stamps the eggs she collects from her six hens.

Rachel glean

Rachel Bishop leafs through a plot of zucchini, searching for excess produce to glean at Annie's Fun Farm Wednesday morning. She said she sends out weekly emails to volunteers interested in joining the harvests.

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"Dolly Parton" looks through Nicole Haskey's front door. The chicken follows Haskey around the house, coming inside when she wants to.

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