EAST WENATCHEE — An East Wenatchee police officer pulled a semi-conscious man from a burning vehicle early Saturday morning.

Officer Leeon Leyde was called to a vehicle fire at 1411 Grant Road at 2:41 a.m., and when he arrived he saw the front of the vehicle in flames and burning debris falling to the ground, said East Wenatchee Police Sgt. Dave Schreiber.

Leyde suspected someone was inside because the windows were steamed up, so when he discovered the doors were locked, he used his baton to break a window, Schreiber said.

The man was semi-conscious and would not come out on his own, so Leyde went in and got him out, he said.

A Washington State Patrol trooper also responded and used a fire extinguisher to slow the fire until the fire department arrived, he said.

Schreiber did not know the victim’s name or whether he was injured. A firefighter at Douglas County Fire District 2 said the man was transported to Confluence Health, but heard that he was not seriously injured.

— K.C. Mehaffey, World staff