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Pipkin Construction employees install one of eight large signs in the Coyote Dunes area just south of Odabashian Bridge in Douglas County on Monday.

EAST WENATCHEE — Barriers and signs are being installed to protect the Coyote Dunes area off of the Apple Capital Recreation Loop Trail.

The eight signs measuring 9 feet by 4 feet are intended to direct people to designated paths in the Coyote Dunes area, which is just south of Odabashian Bridge in Douglas County.

Along with signs, natural barriers like brush and boulders are being set at the entrance to spur trails off of the main ones used in the area.

Paths off of the Loop Trail are also used to access a popular beach along the Columbia River. A gravel access trail is being developed for emergency responders.

According to PUD spokesperson Rachel Hansen, the action is being taken to protect the area by funneling the traffic to specific paths.

Because of complaints the Chelan County PUD has received last week about the large size of the signs, PUD Construction Manager Tyler Sellers says, “If we can downsize them we will.”

Sellers said the size of the signs would allow space for all of the information the PUD wants to relay to the public who use the area both in English and Spanish.

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