Mule Deer NCW 2020 horiz.jpg

Mule Deer walk around in the Wenatchee Valley foothills, spring 2020. The seasonal closure of Sage Hills is to begin Dec. 1, according to the Chelan County PUD.

WENATCHEE — Wenatchee’s mule deer will soon roam alone as the seasonal closure of Sage Hills nears.

The Chelan County PUD will close 960 acres of Wenatchee foothills and trails from Dec. 1 to April 1. That means no foot traffic until spring.

Mule deer use the foothills for food in the winter months and as a quiet range, according to the release. This year, the 15th winter closure, is seeing 20% more mule deer than usual, according to the PUD..

The Chelan-Douglas Land Trust and the city of Wenatchee also close over 2,200 acres of land near Sage Hills and Horse Lake areas for the deer, according to the release.

Foothills trail alternatives during winter include Saddle Rock, Lower Castle Rock, the Jacobson Preserve and the gravel road by Dry Gulch Preserve.

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