WENATCHEE — The task force charged with devising recommendations for short-term rental regulations is expected to present its findings in two weeks.

The task force finished its work April 19 and a draft of the regulations will be discussed by the Chelan County Commission May 11, said Chelan County Community Development Director Jim Brown.

“There is a draft set of ‘recommendations’ of only certain portions of code that have not been placed into a report,” Brown said. “We have some editing to do yet.”

After the commission hears the report they’ll decide whether to adopt the recommendations in part or in whole.

At that point, Brown said community development will need about two weeks to draft a coded version of its recommendations.

That would then prompt a series of steps beginning with a workshop to discuss the new code in detail.

Next would be a public hearing during which community members can comment. The commission would deliberate and decide what they want to approve, Brown said.

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