An avalanche comes down over Highway 2 near Stevens Pass on Saturday. 

WENATCHEE — After booking a three-day weekend in Wenatchee, snowy weather hasn’t yet decided if it wants to ditch town or show off a little more.

Above-freezing temperatures and clear skies will be showing up come Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service. By Thursday, it’s back to the snow, with 1 inch to 2 inches projected to hit Wenatchee.

Thursday’s snowfall is looking pretty light, but that could change, said Jeff Cote, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Spokane. “We’re still in the middle of winter so … ”

Wenatchee accumulated around 3 inches of snowfall Sunday night going into Monday morning, he said. Leavenworth had the highest reported snowfall in the Wenatchee Valley at 7 inches. Plain came in a close second with 6 inches reported.

Temperatures are looking to warm up to the mid-40s next weekend, he said. The warming may bring with it a mix of rain and snow. Morning lows will stay below freezing this week — meaning possible ice on the roads.

Drivers should be prepared to slow down, increase their following distance and take extra time when commuting, he said.

This past weekend’s snowfall also hit the mountains, causing an avalanche across Highway 2 on Saturday.

The State Department of Transportation (DOT) set off a controlled avalanche west of Stevens Pass on Monday morning by the highway due to an excess of snow over the weekend.

It is safe to say there will be more snow removals on Highway 2 before winter is over, said DOT spokesperson Lauren Loebsack. There are a couple of mountain chutes known for avalanches that DOT crews are keeping an eye on.

Scheduled snow removals can be checked on in order to avoid potentially long waits.

Loebsack said people need to be prepared for winter driving. Snow plows should be given plenty of rooms by drivers, especially when on the pass.

Drivers should also slow down and keep an eye out for any changing speed limits, she said.

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