230314-newslocal-roboticscompetition 01.jpg

Trystan Carrillo gestures after the Foothills Middle School Robotics team he is on finished their skills tests during the state competition at the school Saturday. It's the first time the school has hosted the state meet. Afton Fonville holds their robot in the background.

WENATCHEE — A robot on four wheels pulls away from one of its creators but veers off its intended course only for the middle school engineer to pull it back for another try.

A computer screen counts down from one minute as the engineer stops and restarts the robot, named “Sir Spooky Ahh.” Sir Spooky is unable, this run, to successfully shoot the orange discs stored on a multi-colored dispenser under a bar as programmed.

230314-newslocal-roboticscompetition 02.jpg

The Foothills Robotics team goes through a judging check-in with their robot "Sir Spooky Ahh" with Sydney Smothers, right on Saturday. Team members are from left, Afton Fonville, Trystan Carrillo, Neal Nayak, and Teddy Chen.

230314-newslocal-roboticscompetition 03.jpg

Foothills Middle School Robotics team members Afton Fonville, left, and Neal Nayak look at posted results of a skills competition while waiting to participate during the statewide robotics event at the Wenatchee school Saturday.

230314-newslocal-roboticscompetition 04.jpg

Foothills Robotics team members help Afton Fonville, far right, program their robot's movements before a competition Saturday. It was a frustrating morning as they attempted to get the robot to move where they wanted it to.

230314-newslocal-roboticscompetition 05.jpg

Neal Nayak holds "Sir Spooky Ahh," his team's robot, after a skills competition Saturday at Foothills Middle School in Wenatchee.

230314-newslocal-roboticscompetition 06.jpg

Afton Fonville works on programming Foothills Middle School's robot before a state skills competition Saturday at the school.

230314-newslocal-roboticscompetition 07.jpg

From left, Trystan Carrillo and Teddy Chen finish a driving skill test, scoring a Foothills team high mark during the state competition Saturday.

230314-newslocal-roboticscompetition 08.jpg

Back at the team pit area, from left, Trystan Carrillo, Teddy Chen, and Afton Fonville look over their robot at Foothills Middle School Saturday.

230314-newslocal-roboticscompetition 09.jpg

A charging station is full of batteries and wires during the state robotic competition Saturday at Foothills Middle School.

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