5 things to know about the annual homeless count and resource fair

Laurel Turner

My name is Laurel Turner and I am the new interim executive director of the Women’s Resource Center of NCW (WRC). I am so honored to be part of this agency with its legacy of service in the Wenatchee Valley and its place in the hearts of so many in the community. Right after I joined WRC I read about the Point-In-Time National Homeless Count and learned that we have taken a leading role in the effort here in Chelan and Douglas counties, through hosting a Community Resource Fair for years.

Championed by our Families in Transition (F.I.T) and special programs manager, Tanya Bradford, the Resource Fair is now in its eighth year. While we are the lead agency, it is not just WRC but a collaborative effort of agencies and service providers from both counties working together. It is an integral part of our agency’s 30-year mission of providing support services to families and individuals living in poverty, people at-risk of homelessness or people presently experiencing homelessness. Our goal is to help others help themselves find empowerment and sustainability.

Here are five things you should know about the Point-InTime Count and Community Resource Fair.

1) It takes place from 2 to 4 p.m. Thursday at the Wenatchee Community Center at 504 S. Chelan Ave.

2) The fair is open to everyone living in poverty at any level and those families and individuals who are at-risk of homelessness or are presently homeless. The fair offers free services, valuable information and fun. Many area agencies will be on hand to answer questions, make appointments and will be there to listen. Resources, including coats, hats, hygiene and snacks, will also be available.

3) The Point-In-Time National Homeless Count is a tool used across the nation to gather information to determine the number of homeless individuals (including family members). In this case, Chelan and Douglas counties, our community and our population will gain resources to help us build a better life for everyone.

4) We greatly encourage all people living in poverty at any level, at-risk of homelessness or presently homeless to raise your voices by filling out a simple form. By allowing yourself to be part of this count, you are saying “I am here, I am part of this community and I need help.” Throughout the week of Jan. 26-30 there will be appointed members of our community asking you to fill out this most important form. Please, be counted.

5) Who is homeless? If you are sleeping outside exposed to the elements, in a tent, trailer, or vehicle; staying with friends, family or in different places every week or month; staying in transitional housing or a shelter then you are homeless.