I am married to Carmen and we have two children, Jaden and Conor. I became involved in Young Life after graduating from Central Washington University and moved to Moses Lake, when friends invited me to YL meeting. I was instantly hooked and volunteered for 11 years before leaving a career in sales and advertising to join the staff in 1998. Working with youth has always been a part of who I am. I can’t think of a better use of my time and energy! I know first-hand growing up how tough the teen years are, and if I can help even one kid find hope and life, it’s worth it. Young Life allows me the opportunity to share my faith with kids in a way that’s engaging, fun, personal and relational.

1. Young Life is all in with teenagers! We believe kids matter and love them unconditionally. They are worth the investment no matter what the return. Young Life reaches out to kids in middle school and high school, to teen moms through our YoungLives program and kids with special needs through our Capernaum program. Whether kids are honor students or dropouts, rich or poor, popular or on the fringe, Anglo, Latino, Asian or any other race, Young Life welcomes all adolescent youth who are in the middle school and high school years. We provide variety of activities including weekly club gatherings, summer camp trips outdoor activities small group studies and more.

2. Young Life is a group of caring adults who volunteer and sacrifice their personal time, leave their comfort zone and cross over into the world of kids. They learn their names, hear their stories, cheer them on when things are good, and listen when things are tough. Young Life leaders roll up their sleeves and walk through the highs and lows of the teenage life with kids, no matter who they are, where they are or the circumstances they are in. Young Life believes in the power of presence. When adults walk with them and believe in them, kids begin to see that their lives have great worth, meaning and purpose, and their lives are dramatically impacted.

3. Young Life is a faith-based, Christian organization that believes youth are worth pursing, worth loving, worth sharing the hope that is found in Jesus Christ. Just as He entered our world to live and walk among us, adult leaders in Young Life enter the world of adolescents to walk alongside them and share the hope of Christ through their words and their lives.

4. Young Life is a locally-funded nonprofit that relies on the generous gifts and contributions of individuals, families, businesses and churches. Young Life does not rely on or receive financial support through government agencies, a national office or other funding organizations. We are solely dependent on the generosity of people who give out of their own resources.

5. Young Life has a local board that supports staff with strategic planning, advisory support, fundraising, encouragement, prayer and more. The local “committee” as we call it is made up of men and women from all walks of life who serve in the background to support staff and volunteers who work the front lines with kids. Being on the Young Life local board is a hands on, tangible way to serve the ministry and help reach out to kids. We are always looking for gifted people to serve behind the scenes and make a difference with teens.

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