Update, Tuesday 3:41 p.m.

EAST WENATCHEE — Repair crews have fixed the water main issue at Kenroy Elementary School and school will be resuming as normal come Wednesday.


EAST WENATCHEE — Students at Kenroy Elementary School are getting a day off of school today after a water main break Monday caused campus operations to be temporarily shut down.

School reopening Wednesday is dependent on how repairs go today, said Spencer Taylor, Eastmont School District executive director of elementary education. The plan right now is to patch the leak and then test it this afternoon to make sure it holds before turning water back on to the school.

Taylor said he anticipates sending out a notification this afternoon or early evening about the status of Wednesday classes.

Staff first noticed the leak outside on the North Kansas Avenue side of campus Monday afternoon, he said. Maintenance checked it out after school was out and then excavated the area.

Water for the school had to be shut off, he said. Costs for the repair should be minimal.

The water leak thankfully did not cause any permanent damage to the school, he said. The leak was not caused due to any of the current construction on campus.

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