Updated, 7 p.m. Tuesday:

WINTHROP — Authorities believe a helicopter that crash landed Saturday in Winthrop clipped a snowbank with its rudder.

A witness told a Winthrop deputy marshal that the aircraft was attempting to land at 110 White Avenue in Winthrop when the tail rudder hit a snowbank, causing the helicopter to spin, according to an incident report from the Winthrop Marshal’s Office.

Pilot Robert McCoy, 60, and passenger Collin Berrett, 33, were not injured, the report said.

The helicopter flew out of Darrington and was headed to the Winthrop Rink, which is located roughly 500 feet from where it was attempting to land. Photos of the scene show badly damaged main rotor blades and a tail rudder detached from the helicopter.

The incident happened about 12:35 p.m. and the wreckage was removed about 8 p.m.


WINTHROP — Okanogan County authorities responded to a helicopter crash near the Winthrop Rink on Saturday.

Minor injuries were reported at the scene near the ice rink, according to a public safety notification from Okanogan County sent at 1:15 p.m. Saturday.

A pilot and passenger escaped without serious injuries, according to a Facebook post from Okanogan County Fire District 6.

There was no fire and no fuel leaks found, the post said. The Federal Aviation Association will investigate. Crews were released from the scene at 2:45 p.m.