WENATCHEE — Some employees in the Wenatchee, Eastmont and Chelan school districts received COVID-19 vaccinations Saturday at a clinic sponsored by a union and two pharmacies.

Altogether 190 employees from the three districts were vaccinated, said Diana Haglund, a Wenatchee School spokesperson.

Between 75 and 100 Eastmont employees were vaccinated, said Vicky Trainor, the district’s human resources executive director.

The clinic was sponsored at Wenatchee High School by the Public School Employees (PSE) of Washington and the Safeway and Albertsons pharmacies.

The clinic was for district employees already eligible to receive the vaccine. The vaccines were free of charge.

The clinic came together at the last minute because PSE came across some Moderna vaccine that was expiring, said Lauren Getzin, a union spokesperson.

“After we reached out to Wenatchee, we waited a couple of days to find out how many people would sign up. Once we saw there would be more appointments available, that’s when we reached out to Eastmont and Chelan,” Getzin said. “It was all very last minute.”

There will be more of these type of clinics, Getzin said, if PSE comes across some excess vaccine which is expiring soon. She said they will work with Safeway to set up a clinic at one of the schools.

“It will all be really fast-paced once we find some vaccine in an area. We’ll reach out to as many people as we can to fill those spots. It’s basically as it happens, we’ll help coordinate,” Getzin said.

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