WENATCHEE — Maria Iñiguez didn’t receive enough votes Thursday to make her appointment to the Wenatchee School Board official.

That’s the word Monday from district attorneys, prompting the board to convene a special meeting Tuesday to take another shot at appointing its fifth board member.

The three current board members on Thursday voted unanimously to appoint Julie Norton to one of two open positions, but split the vote 2-1 to appoint Maria Iñiguez.

Board policy states appointments to the board must be approved by three members, rather than by a majority of the sitting members.

The dissenting vote was cast by Michele Sandberg who raised concerns about a conflict of interest because Iñiguez is married to Ricardo Iñiguez, an associate principal at Wenatchee High School.

State law and district policy, however, does not prevent board members from serving if they are related to district employees or other board members.

“Upon further review of the board’s policy and in consultation with district legal counsel, it was determined that there needed to be at least three ‘yes’ votes for a candidate to be appointed,” district spokeswoman Diana Haglund said Monday.

The current three board members — Laura Jaecks, Sandberg and Martin Barron — will meet at noon Tuesday to revisit the issue. The first item on the agenda is for Norton to take the oath of office. That will give the board four standing members.

Those four then will go into executive session to evaluate qualifications of a candidate for appointment to the board for the remaining open position.

Upon completion of what is expected to be a 45-minute executive session, the board will return to open session to decide who to appoint. The candidate could be Iñiguez or any of the other five candidates who interviewed last week, Haglund said. The other board finalists are Talia Barajas-Gonzalez, Carlos Guillen, Edgar Salamanca, Karina Vega-Villa and Michael Poirier.

Whoever is chosen must be approved by at least three board members.

The fifth appointee will be sworn in later Tuesday, during the regular board meeting that starts at 6 p.m. at the district’s administration officer, 235 Sunset Ave.

A reception for the new board members is still scheduled at 5:30 p.m. before the meeting.

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