WENATCHEE — The highest-performing educational systems are those that combine quality with equity. They give all children opportunities for an excellent education.

In late 2014 the Our Valley, Our Future/Nuestro Valle, Nuestro Futuro community-building initiative identified a need to engage the public in a conversation about educational quality and equity as part of a regional strategic plan to improve the standard of living while addressing some of the areas toughest challenges.

Wenatchee School District and leaders from the proposed Pinnacles Prep Charter School have come together to start a conversation on quality and equity in the region by hosting a community-wide discussion on the topics, Wednesday from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center, 127 S. Mission St.

The goal of the community-wide discussion is to hear from diverse community voices in an effort to answer some foundational questions: What attributes do we want our high school graduates to have? How does race affect the quality of a child’s education? How do we remove barriers to success so that all children have access and opportunity to quality education?

“Our parents and citizens understand that schools are at the core of a healthy community,” said Wenatchee School District Superintendent Paul Gordon. “They want an equitable education where personal or social circumstances such as gender, ethnic origin or family background are not obstacles to achieving educational potential and that students have the opportunity to attain high-level skills, regardless of their own personal and socio-economic circumstances. This conversation is the first step in cultivating school systems that support all students and the community.”

The community-wide discussion is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be provided and Spanish translation services will be available. This event is generously supported by a grant from Confluence Health.

Diana Haglund is the communications director for the Wenatchee School District.