Matthew Pippin: Actor, director, and guy who walks to raise money for Numerica Performing Arts Center. Pippin walks Tuesday at Walla Walla Point Park in Wenatchee. He's walking over 150 miles — about 40,000 steps a day — to reach his goal of 275,000 steps by Sunday.

WENATCHEE — Mathew Pippin is not walking to Seattle to raise money for the Numerica Performing Arts Center. Although the local actor, director is walking over 150 miles, he’s sticking around Wenatchee.

“My route is Wenatchee. I move until I hit my daily goal of 40,000 steps. My goal is to hit 275,000 by Sunday, which is World Theatre Day,” Pippin said.

In 2020, Pippin raised over $3,000 through a similar effort.

This is similar to other fundraisers for the Numerica PAC in that it comes from the heart but it’s unique in that it was entirely motivated by one individual, said Alex Haley, director of programming and marketing at Numerica PAC.

“Matthew started this event all by himself while the entire staff was furloughed for over a year. As the rest of us were locked in our homes, Matthew took it upon himself to do something good for our theater and the community,” Haley said.

Last year, he raised $3,400 pretty much on his own. Pippin said, in 2022, he got off his quarantined “duff” and had this inspiration to raise money for his home away from home.

“This year, with a new executive director, and the staff being back, I wanted to do it again so that it wouldn’t feel like a team of one. Shows can’t happen without a fellow cast and crew. This feels more legitimate,” Pippin said.

“This year feels so much easier having the PAC staff cheer me on and handle the collecting of the funds.”

What Matthew is doing is the reason all the PAC employees come to work every day, Haley said.

“The arts have inspired him and he inspires us to keep doing what we’re doing. We all love this community, and it’s people like Matthew that make us want to see it continue to thrive in its appreciation for the arts,” Haley said.

While the daily goal is 40,000 steps, Pippin some days are easier than others. Last year there was a day that got too close to midnight for his taste.

His friends are cheering him on, so that helps. In fact, a friend picked out the 275,000 steps overall goal.

You can make a tax-deductible donation in Matthew Pippin’s honor and help support the arts in the community. Donations can be made online at NumericaPAC.org or at the Numerica PAC Box Office on Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

“By the time I finished that walk (in 2020) it was just over 155 miles, and all around little Wenatchee,” Pippin said, noting he doesn’t have a fundraising goal. “I’ll take anything. I’m an actor. Any money made is a step in the right direction.”

Pippin said, because of all the walking, he has the best legs in Wenatchee theater.

“Matthew probably does have the best legs but have you seen his eyes?” Haley said, noting Pippin made him say that.

Ian Dunn: (509) 664-7157


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