WENATCHEE — Wenatchee and Eastmont school districts are seeing 285 exemptions filed due to the vaccine mandate for religious or medical reasons.

As of Wednesday, Eastmont had 170 employees request an exemption. Superintendent Garn Christensen said the school district was able to accommodate 99 % of those submitting requests.

Wenatchee had 115 staff members request an exemption, said district spokeswoman Diana Haglund. All 115 exemptions were approved.Thus far, two staff members resigned due to the mandate.

The districts employ about 2,000 people Wenatchee has about 1,200 and Eastmont about 800.

Haglund said Wenatchee staff members are submitting vaccination records daily and many have been vaccinated but have not yet turned in their papers.

Haglund said it is hard to say what the impact will be, but she is certain there could be additional openings when individuals do not comply with the governor’s mandate.

The mandate requires staff members to be fully vaccinated by Oct. 18, which means vaccinations need to have been completed by Oct. 4.

“We do anticipate we will see some sub openings in that situation,” Haglund said. “We are bracing for that.”

Once an exemption is approved, those staff members must take precautions, Eastmont’s Christensen said.

“Any exempted employees will need to ensure they are always masked appropriately and participate in as-needed weekly screening if we experience an on-campus COVID outbreak,” Christensen said via email.

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