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With a view to Wenatchee, Roberto Merandis with Martinez Construction works on exterior walls of a new home being built in the Maryhill Estates development in East Wenatchee this fall.

The housing crisis in North Central Washington has had wide-reaching effects on our community. 

We've written about affordable housing projects, rising rental costs and homelessness. But there are a lot more stories to tell.

What do you wonder about the area's housing crisis? Ask below and we'll pose your question to housing experts or dig through the data.

It can be something simple, like "What's the median sales price for a Wenatchee home?" or a complex question about a difficult topic. 

The questions we select will be published in an upcoming article and help inform our future housing coverage.

Reilly Kneedler: 661-5213

kneedler@wenatcheeworld.com or

on Twitter @reillykneedler

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