WENATCHEE — Enrollment is down at Wenatchee Valley College as the fall quarter is set to begin in September.

Due to the restrictions of the pandemic, WVC is offering all fall lecture courses online, with some featuring in-person instruction.

Many people seem to be holding off on their decision on attending this fall until the Sept. 4 registration deadline is near, said WVC spokeswoman Libby Siebens. Classes start Sept. 21.

“That is what we’ve heard from folks,” she said. “It’s starting to pick up. People have been inquiring wanting to know about the last day to register. We can tell because they are keeping track of how much time they have to make those complicated decisions,” Siebens said.

Numbers are down for Running Start but she said that is starting to go up. Since mid-August, there has been an uptick of enrollment, she said.

The college is offering an online readiness orientation at wvc.edu/online. It takes about four to eight hours.

The orientation gets students “comfortable with the process so they know what online classes will look like,” Siebens said.

A lot of the classes include Zoom, the video conferencing software, which allows students to see the instructor and one another, she said.

Lab courses, which typically involve hands-on instruction, are being offered in many ways.

“They are shipping kits out to students. A lot of our workforce programs like machining, auto — have some face-to-face time, but they also have kits where they can do things at home. They can check out tools for different projects at home or lab,” she said.

Students can get virtual assistance in 12 different departments, she said. There are live video conference hours every week so people can log in.

If you don’t have much time, Siebens said you can log on and request a time for a video conference. This is available under the “online” tab on the home page, wvc.edu.

“We also can set up a live counseling session for academic and personal counseling, the veterans office, and the financial aid office,” she said. “Instruction is getting a ton of questions. Is the new online class a hybrid? What will this look like? How can I contact my instructor? You can get that through live video conference help.”

Students needing books for a particular class can go to the bookstore on the website.

Ian Dunn: 664-7157