MALAGA — Windermere real estate agent Cindy Seyster saw the Malaga Community Park as a “blank slate.” The park isn’t finished, but that slate has now seen some significant improvement.

Seyster and more than a dozen other Windermere employees volunteered at the park Friday as part of the company’s annual Community Service Day. They planted trees, constructed picnic tables and set up a soccer field.

Every year Windermere offices close for a day as real estate agents go out into the community to tackle service projects. The tradition is now in its 35th year.

The local NCW offices have done a lot of projects over the years, but the park was a natural fit for 2019, Seyster said.

“We try to find something where many hands can be busy, which is kind of a challenge, and something that is within our skillset,” she said. “So we end up doing a lot of painting and we have put up little parks before.”

The team spent most of the day out at the park on Friday and most of the supplies were provided by Windermere’s nonprofit.

“A lot of years we spend our own money personally. This year the project lined up perfectly with the Windermere Foundation. So anytime we sell a house, a portion of our commission goes into our office Windermere Foundation fund,” Seyster said. “It’s typically used to support low-income families and children and because of the demographics of this area, the Windermere Foundation was able to give us some funds for supplies.”

The project was a great step toward making the park a great place for families, said Helen Horn of the Malaga-Colockum Community Council, which manages the park. The council plans to install playground equipment later this year.

“We thought it would go in in the spring, but that didn’t happen so now we’re hoping it’ll be the summer,” she said. “We would love to get it up for the community to start using it.”

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