NCW — Many candidates got lucky this week after no one signed up to run against them.

They included Wenatchee Mayor Frank Kuntz and Councilman Mark Kulaas; East Wenatchee council members John Sterk, Harry Raab and Shayne Magdoff; and Douglas County Superior Court Judge Brian Huber.

Filing ran from Monday through Friday. Candidates have until the end of the business day Monday to withdraw.

The primary is Aug. 6, and the general election is Nov. 5.

Here is a partial list of races with only one candidate in the Wenatchee Valley and surrounding area.

Chelan County


Chelan County Fire District No. 1: Cam de Mestre (Commissioner 2)

Chelan County Port Commission: Donn Etherington

City Council: Mark Kulaas (District 5)

Mayor: Frank Kuntz


City Council: Christopher Carlson (Position 2), Jayne Stephenson (Position 4), Derrick Pratt (Position 5)

School Board: Tom Christensen (District 1), Ted Snodgrass (District 1), Nick Wood (District 3)


Bear Mountain Water District: Jim Batdorf (Commissioner 1), Dale Watkins (Commissioner 2)

Chelan County Hospital District No. 2: Fred Miller (Commissioner 3), Jordana LaPorte (Commissioner 4)

City Council: Ray Dobbs (Position 3), Servando Robledo (Position 5)

School Board: Agustin Benegas (District 1), Jeff Fehr (District 5)


Chelan County Fire District No. 8: LeRoy Gifford

City Council: Paul Moore (Position 1), David Swearingen (Position 4),

School Board: Viky Quezada (District 1), Nicole Poyner (District 3), Tamara Giacomazzi (District 4) , Monica Quezada (District 5)


Cascade School Board: Cynthia Garza (District 4)

Chelan County Fire District No. 3: Thomas Stanton

Chelan County Fire District No. 9: William Gibbs

Chelan County Hospital District No. 1: Mary Helen Mayhew (Commissioner 1), Helen Rayfield (Commissioner 4)

City Council: Craig Hess (Position 2), Anne Hessburg (Position 3)


Malaga Water District: Aaron Gale (Commissioner 2)

Three Lakes Water District: Gregory Kardos


Chelan County Fire District No. 5: Dan Baker

Parks and Recreation District: David Sneesby (Commissioner 2), Rob Campbell (Commissioner 5)

School Board: Robin Bloch (District 1), Aurora Flores (District 2)


Chelan County Fire District No. 6: Bob Wildfang


School Board: Reed Courtney (Position 1), Rene Courtney (Position 2), John Wilsey (Position 3), Nick Davis (Position 5)

Douglas County

East Wenatchee

City Council: John Sterk (Position 1), Harry Raab (Position 2), Shayne Magdoff (Position 5)

Douglas County Port Commission: Jim Huffman

Eastmont Metro Parks and Recreation: Deb Miller (Commissioner 1), Marc Marquis (Commissioner 2)


School Board: Peggy Rice (District 1), Hector Aparicio (District 1), Maria Maldonado (District 3), Donald Becker (District 4)


City Council: Anthony Jenkins (Position 2), Qristian Solorio (Position 4), Sergio Orozco (Position 5)

School Board: Bennie Polvos (District 1), Matt West (District 3), Wayne van Zwoll (District 4) Note: Matt West was previously running for District 1.


Douglas County Fire District No. 5: Douglas Tanneberg (Commissioner 1), Norman Tupling (Commissioner 2)

Mayor: Thomas Snell

Town Council: Clint Wall (Position 1), Betty Wilsey (Position 3)


School Board: Tim Meyers (Position 3), Hannah Poush (Position 4), Jennifer Foreman (Position 5)


School Board: Jami Sachs (District 1), Molly Linville (District 3), Jeromy Riggs (District 4) , Dean Pearson (District 5)

Rock Island

City Council: Tara Whaley (Position 1), Carmen Andonaegui (Position 5)

Mayor: Randy Agnew


Douglas County Fire District No. 1: Clark Bromiley (Commissioner 1), Gary Mullendore (Commissioner 3)

Douglas County Hospital District No. 2: Tyler Greenwood (Commissioner 1), Katie Shafer (Commissioner 3)

Douglas County Superior Court: Brian Huber

School Board: Stephanie Stibal (District 1), Misty Viebrock (District 3), Zach Gormley (District 5)

Town Council: Michael Davies (Position 1), Jammie Peterson (Position 4), Joyce Huber (Position 5)

Grant County


City Council: Josey Ferguson (Position 1), Thomas Lee Harris (Position 3), Sonia Padron (Position 6)

School Board: Chris Baumgartner (Position 2), Susan Lybbert (Position 3)