ELLENSBURG — Public officials from Michoacán, Mexico, are at Central Washington University for a three-day training workshop that wraps up Thursday.

About 30 government officials from Michoacán had planned to participate in the workshop, according to a news release. The university's Department of Law and Justice is delivering the workshop in conjunction with a number of co-sponsoring organizations.

The workshop on professionalism and organizational culture was initiated by Rodrigo Murataya, professor in CWU's Department of Law and Justice, according to a news release. The Auditoría Superior de Michoacán is responsible for auditing public expenditures in the state of Michoacán, Mexico.

As a result of Murataya's discussion with the organization, its director, Artemio Zaragoza Tapia, asked the department to deliver training in areas ranging from public administration to forensic accounting.

The first workshop took place in Mexico in December. Murataya, along with Saul Chacon and Paul Knepper from the Department of Law and Justice, and Veronica Gomez-Vilchis, from CWU's Center for Equity and Diversity, delivered a two-day workshop in Morelia. About 250 people attended the training.

Participants paid their own travel costs for this week's workshop at CWU, the news release said. All of the trainers are volunteering their time and expertise.