On December 5, 1922, former Wenatchee orchardist D. W. Roderick’s photograph was published on the front page of The Wenatchee Daily World. Roderick had moved to Palm Beach, Florida after owning an orchard on Walla Walla Avenue for 20 years. T.M. Gibbons, Wenatchee, was vacationing in the area when he happened upon Roderick selling Wenatchee apples on the street. His advertisement in the Palm Beach Post read: “We have just received a carload direct from the orchards. Flavor perfect, watch for them, Eat Wenatchee Apples.”

115 years ago—1907

J.B. Olinger of the Fruit Growers' Association is in Seattle making arrangements to lease a stall in the Public Market so members may sell their surplus fruit.

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