WENATCHEE — A man recorded a strange event on the Columbia River while boating with his family.

Larry Benedict said he took the video of two buoys traveling upstream, against the current, near Hurst Landing. On the video Benedict wonders if it is a salmon, a monster or a seal.

But according to the Chelan County PUD it is most likely an otter caught on a pikeminnow fishing line or trying to run off with a fish, said Todd West, Chelan County PUD fish and wildlife operations superintendent.

The otter will likely be able to chew its way out of the line and shouldn’t be harmed, West said.

The PUD has used buoys with fixed lines to catch pikeminnow, which are an invasive species, for a long time, said Kimberly Craig, a Chelan County PUD spokeswoman. It has been an effective way of removing pikeminnow as the average size of the fish caught has gone down.

This is the first time Craig has heard of other types of wildlife getting caught in the line.

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