Louie, a pit bull terrier mix, is recovering from gunshot wounds while being cared for at Cascade Veterinary Clinic in Wenatchee.

WENATCHEE — An investigation into the shooting of a dog found outside Wenatchee will be forwarded to prosecutors for review.

The owner told authorities he attempted to euthanize Louie, also known as Cane, after multiple attacks against family members in the few months he’d owned the dog, according to a Wenatchee Police news release.

Louie was found June 5 along Mission Ridge Road in the area of the Beehive Reservoir. He’d been shot in the head, neck and shoulder.

The owner, who wasn’t identified, came forward after the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society publicized Louie’s condition in hopes of locating his owner.

Louie’s owner is a Chelan County employee, and to avoid potential investigatory conflicts, the case was handled by Wenatchee Police.

Capt. Edgar Reinfeld declined to say which county department the owner works for, but did say he isn’t an employee of the sheriff’s office.

Reinfeld investigated the incident for possible animal cruelty charges and is sending case information to prosecutors.

“This may come down to whether there’s a criminal charge or not based on what did he decide to do, how did he decide to try to do it,” Reinfeld said.

To avoid similar conflicts, the Chelan County Prosecutor’s Office will transfer the case to a prosecutor outside the county. It’s not clear which county.

Reinfeld explained there’s a component to second-degree animal cruelty that stipulates criminal negligence. He wants an attorney to determine whether this instance of an apparent attempted euthanization rises to a criminal degree.

“I want them to be able to look at it and go, ‘Was this a reasonable approach to try to accomplish what he was trying to accomplish?’”

Louie is still in the custody of the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society recovering from his injuries.