WENATCHEE — The Chelan County PUD will be paying $50,000 more for the property the Horan House sat on than expected.

The agreement between the parties hasn’t changed, but the size of the property is bigger, said Dan Frazier, Chelan County PUD director of shared services. The property was about 5,000 square feet larger than expected, due to the placement of the ordinary high water mark.

It isn’t an unusual occurrence for there to be a slight change after a survey is done and when looking at county records, Frazier said. The parties agreed on a price based on the square feet and so the cost increased from $854,000 to $906,000.

The PUD entered into a purchase agreement with the Nevio and Elizabeth Tontini Living Trust to buy the land on June 18.

The PUD board is expected to vote on the transaction Tuesday.

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