SPOKANE — A small group of community members will soon begin work designing a new Spokane flag. The new flag would be the city’s fourth design, and Councilwoman Kate Burke, who sponsored a city work group for a new flag, said she doesn’t have any specific ideas for what it should look like.

“The main thing for me is that we have passion and energy and pride for our city,” Burke said. “That’s what I’m hoping for.”

Burke, who already has a Chicago flag tattoo, said if she likes the groups’ design, she may get a Spokane flag tattoo as well.

The city’s current flag was designed by the same artist behind the Expo ’74 mobius symbol and features similar colors, blue, green and white. Before the city’s current flag, there were two others, a simple design with just a stripe and a sun, which was designed in 1912, and a flag that featured the city scape in 1958.

City staff are aware of just one copy of the city’s current flag, which hangs in Mayor David Condon’s office. A small copy of the flag can also be seen in one of the conference rooms at the ground level of city hall.

The group, approved by Spokane City Council on Monday night, will include two council members, one person from each council district, a representative from the Spokane Tribe, the mayor or a representative from his administration, one young person, one resident at large and a representative from the Spokane Arts Commission.

Every council member except Mike Fagan, who was absent, voted in favor of the work group.