ENTIAT — The Entiat Ranger District is starting the process of creating a sustainable recreation plan.

The plan will look at recreation opportunities people want to see in the Entiat area, said John Meier, part of the Entiat Ranger District recreation staff.

The ranger district received a grant from the state Recreation and Conservation Office to conduct a study, he said. The district is also partnering with Western Washington University to create a survey and hold an open house later this summer.

“That is going to be a discussion we’re going to have with the public,” Meier said. “Looking at what they want and what they need and balancing that with what we can afford to maintain.”

How people are using the district has changed over the years, he said. The district needs a strategy for adapting with people’s needs.

“So what we do today is not what we did then and what we do 30 years from now is not what we’re doing today,” Meier said. 

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