Managing Editor

Russ Hemphill is managing editor of The Wenatchee World. He is a graduate of the University of Arizona in Tucson (Go Cats!), worked as a reporter and editor for 19 years at The Phoenix Gazette and The Arizona Republic and joined The World in 1999.

I'm excited about The Wenatchee World’s new website and what it lets us do for Wenatchee-East Wenatchee and North Central Washington. It is flat out the best website we’ve had at The World, which I’ve been fortunate to be a part of as an editor for 20 years.

Probably the best way for you to check it out is to just start clicking. We’ve retained the overall presentation and organization of the home page, so it will feel familiar. You’ll easily find the news you want.

To get an idea of what’s new, I’d suggest clicking on Deep Dives at the top of the home page. It’ll show you what the new website can do for some of our best reporting and photography. I think the reports here are easy to read and the photos just jump off the screen.

There is lots more, including a new and much-better app for your smartphone, the ability to integrate social media into reports, and tools for reporters and photographers to post more quickly from remote locations.

But let us know what you see, what you think, and what we can do better. Send me or the newsroom your thoughts. We’ll read and respond to every message.

As always, we are focused on local news from Wenatchee-East Wenatchee and North Central Washington.

We ask the questions that need to be asked, write the stories that need to be written and we never forget: We live in a great community that is much more than hard news.

We care about the arts, education, sports, community contributors and having the best entertainment calendar in North Central Washington. And there’s always room for a story about dogs.

Through the new website you’ll see hard news reports and features from the largest, most aggressive reporting staff in North Central Washington. You’ll see the images captured by our great photographers.

You’ll see our community in a new and exciting way.

Thanks and cheers,


Russ Hemphill: (509) 665-1161