NCW — Voter turnout in Chelan and Douglas counties could be in the mid-40% range by the second ballot count on Friday.

On election night Douglas County counted and released results for 4,476 ballots, 19.71% of its 22,707 registered voters.

But Auditor Thad Duvall is expecting another 5,000 to 6,000 ballots to be counted and ready by Friday. An additional 6,000 ballots would up the turnout to about 46%.

Chelan County had roughly 16,000 ballots in hand as of Tuesday afternoon, but was only able to get through 12,011 by the time results were due, Auditor Skip Moore said Wednesday.

That made for an initial turnout of 26.08% for the county’s 46,047 registered voters.

Moore expects to receive an additional 4,000 ballots through the mail this week. Combine that with the 4,000 uncounted ballots they have in hand and the county could have just over 20,000 total ballots recorded on Friday, Moore said.

That would be a total turnout of 43.45% for Chelan County. In the August primary, Chelan had 38.94% turnout and Douglas had 36.14%.

“I’m happier and happier with the turnout as each day goes by,” Moore said.

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