Here are some tips from the Chelan County and Douglas County PUDs to help reduce summer energy use:

  • Increase thermostat setting by 2 degrees; set it at 78 degrees or highest comfortable setting.
  • Don’t “speed-cool” by setting the thermostat at a low temperature. “Your AC won’t cool any faster at 68 degrees than it does at 78 degrees,” according to the Chelan County PUD.
  • Run ceiling fans (if available) and the air conditioner simultaneously, with the air conditioner a few degrees higher than “normal.”
  • Turn on exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms when at home.
  • Turn off fans when not at home. A fan motor can add some heat to a room.
  • Use a microwave or cook outside, rather than a range/oven.
  • Change the air conditioner air filter monthly in heavy use months. A clogged air filter restricts air flow and raises cooling costs. A really clogged “filter can lead to compressor failure with a $1,000+ repair bill.” Remove dust from the evaporator coil yearly.
  • Remove dust from refrigerator/freezer coils so they cool more efficiently.
  • Close blinds in the heat of the day and open the window in the cool times to give the air conditioner a rest.
  • Turn off indoor/outdoor lights and home computers when not using.
  • Turn off drying function on the dishwasher.

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