Update, 10 a.m. Friday:

The man who allegedly assaulted a gas station clerk Thursday before he was held at gunpoint by a bystander has been identified as 38-year-old Jaime Garcia-Aparicio of Wenatchee, according to Wenatchee Police. 

He was booked into Chelan County Regional Justice Center on a single first-degree robbery charge, according to jail records. 


WENATCHEE — A bystander held a man at gunpoint after the man allegedly assaulted a gas station clerk with a beer bottle on Thursday, police said.

The incident began when the assailant, who police have not yet identified, tried to buy alcohol at the 76 gas station in the 200 block of Ferry Street, but didn’t have money, said Wenatchee Police Capt. Edgar Reinfeld.

The assailant got into an argument with the clerk and threw either a can or bottle at her, Reinfeld said. He then went behind the counter and shoved her to the ground.

The bystander, Jesse Altizer, said the assailant and the clerk were running out of the station as he pulled into the parking lot.

Altizer, in a Thursday phone interview, said he saw the assailant hitting the woman and yelled at the man to stop.

“I had to intervene,” Altizer said. “I thought ‘this guy can’t be beating this woman up like that.’”

Then the assailant began moving toward the passenger side of Altizer’s vehicle, where his young daughter was in the passenger seat, he said.

Altizer pulled his handgun from his glove compartment and came around the side of the vehicle to stop the man, he said.

He told the man to get on the ground, but the man refused, Altizer said. Altizer hit the man and was able to keep him on the ground until police arrived.

Police officers detained the assailant and transported him to the hospital to be checked out for injuries sustained during the incident, Capt. Reinfeld said.

The clerk was checked out at the scene, but did not have any serious injuries, Reinfield said.

He said the bystander’s assistance was appreciated, but urged caution when crime is occurring.

“This citizen helped us out but intervening can be dangerous,” he said.

The assailant will likely be booked for felony assault, Reinfeld said. A robbery charge may be added, depending on the results of the department’s investigation.

Altizer lives in East Wenatchee, but has worked as a career firefighter on the west side for many years, he said.

During the incident, he was focused on keeping his children safe, he said.

“At that point, it’s me or him. I had two kids in the truck and I wasn’t going to shoot this guy, but I had to subdue him,” Altizer said.

This story will be updated as more information is available.

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