LEAVENWORTH — After a record snowfall, the city of Leavenworth is making some progress getting the snow cleared from city streets, parking lots and Highway 2 through town.

“We have three different contractors working 24-7 to get the snow removed,” Leavenworth Mayor Carl Florea said Tuesday. “We have most of our streets done in town. We have the alleyways open. We have most of the streets not just plowed, but also picked up.”

The city declared a state of emergency last Friday to allow the city to quickly bring in resources to clear the snow. Florea said most contractors have front-end loaders that can pick up stuff, like tree branches, and load it into dump trucks.

Clearing snow from Highway 2 is also a priority. Florea said contractors will work through the night to clear the snow.

“They will work through when there’s not as much traffic on the highway but that is a city responsibility within the city limits to get that snow removed as well,” he said. “We’re hoping to be able to wrap this up by Thursday. Hopefully we will get a breather before another big snowfall.”

Florea said the 23 National Guard troops in town have been a tremendous help. The troops have been helping clear snow around fire hydrants, helping clear walkways and doing welfare checks, going door-to-door.

Nearly 100 people have called the city asking for help.

“We are going door-to-door to let them know there’s help for immediate needs,” Florea said. “Unfortunately we can only help people in the city limits. We do get calls from other people but we can only help those in the city limits. It is a limitation but we do try to call to get help for people.”

The National Guard should be in town for another day or two, he said. Florea said he wants to do an assessment of everyone in town.

“We know that winter is not over. We want to be prepared as we can for hopefully more normal snow,” he said.

Ian Dunn: (509) 664-7157


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