Dalton Beaumont, 5, Wenatchee, walks his way out to a sitting bench, normally on dry ground, at the swimming area of Confluence State Park in Wenatchee Monday. He was on an outing with his mother and sister, exploring the Columbia River. River flows are high this spring, flooding out areas like the state park's beach.

Storm clouds brew around Waterville as the Waterville-Mansfield baseball team hosts a baseball game against Moses Lake Christian Academy Tuesday, May 9, 2023. The rain held off for the entire game as the home team won the game 8-5.

Not sure about Groundhog Day, Feb. 2, 2023, but this marmot surely saw its shadow on Wednesday, April 5. Families of the rodents reside along the walking trail near the Kirby Billingsley Hydro Park in East Wenatchee.

Pigeons find a perch at Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Wenatchee in front of iconic Saddlerock Mountain in the background last week.

Steve Mayo, Wenatchee, along with his brother Dan took to Rock Island Golf Course Tuesday, to enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather. They say they golfed about 50 rounds together last year. The course is normally the first one to open every year.

Ken Kracke, Facility Manager at Saddlerock Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Wenatchee, uses a snow blower Friday to throw snow and ice that had been piled in the parking lot of the church onto grass . He said it had been melting and creating icy spots on the pavement where people have been walking.

Sheets of ice from the mouth of the Wenatchee River stack up along the Columbia River at Walla Walla Point Park Monday. Temperatures are expected to steadily increase through the week.

Students from Sterling Junior High School spend part of their lunch break playing volleyball outside in the snow Monday. The local weather is forecast to remain partly cloudy throughout the week.

WENATCHEE — Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife’s new fish counting raft sits atop an ice flow, near the railroad bridge, hundreds of feet downstream from a spot on the Wenatchee River where its use began upon installation June 20.

A Wenatchee City Public Works employee uses a road grader to push snow from the side of South Chelan Avenue where a large snow blower collects late Tuesday night. Crew members have been working at nights to clear snow from parking places along city streets.

Jose Hesedia prunes gala apple trees in an orchard owned by Banning Orchards along Grant Road outside of East Wenatchee on Tuesday. Calf-deep snow makes the work slower than normal.

A cross country skier heads across the Icicle Creek bridge on the Leavenworth Winter Sports Club's Icicle River Trails near the Leavenworth Fish Hatchery Friday, Dec. 16, 2022. Plenty of snow has made for great skiing conditions - and scenery - along the trails.