WENATCHEE — The Wenatchee City Council unanimously approved a $141 million budget Thursday night.

The adopted budget is slightly larger than earlier versions of the budget, but city staff say the changes reduce the overall deficit.

Wenatchee Finance Director Brad Posenjak said there were two changes to the budget since a full preliminary budget was released earlier this month. Both changes — a $150,000 decrease in the city’s payment for a RiverCom assessment and an increase in projected sales tax revenue — were both in the general fund.

“Our sales tax has been coming in very strong the last several months and we believe that’s going to continue in 2022,” he said.

Posenjak added that those two changes erased would would have been a $400,000 deficit in the recurring portion of the general fund, which excludes one-time projects and expenses.

The finalized budget still has an overall deficit of $21.5 million — down from a $22.5 million deficit in a preliminary budget summary released in October. Posenjak has previously expressed confidence that the general fund and overall budget are in a good place despite the projections.

“We budget as if we will be able to complete everything we set out to do,” he told The Wenatchee World in October. “In reality, we will have many unfilled positions during 2022 and some of the projects we hoped to complete will actually be spread across 2022 and 2023. Therefore, we won’t be able to spend 100% of our budget.”

The 2022 budget includes $54 million in capital projects, including Saddle Rock trail restoration, Lincoln Park renovations, City Hall remodel, Kenzie’s Landing and portions of the Apple Capital Loop transportation project.

“(The budget) is a pretty complicated event but well done by staff,” Mayor Frank Kuntz said. “I think we’re sort of spending the money in the right spots.”

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