WENATCHEE — It’s becoming a pattern this year.

Store owners shut down or temporarily halted business Tuesday on Wenatchee Avenue so they could clean up from flood waters caused by slow-moving thunderstorms. Potholes caused by the high water table reappeared in roads just repaired by crews. South Lakeshore Road in Chelan also closed due to debris coming from Slide Ridge, again.

It was a localized storm cloud that passed over the valley this time, though, said Amanda Young, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Spokane. It dropped as much as an inch of rain in some areas in East Wenatchee, while some parts of Wenatchee didn’t see any rain at all. A Manson rain gauge reported 0.16 of an inch.

Another storm system will arrive Friday and there will be more rainfall, Young said. The weather will be unsettled and there will be infrequent rainfall Saturday through Sunday.

“We’ve been talking about it,” she said. “It seems like fall is going to be a little earlier this year.”

American Shoe Shop and Vermilyea Pelle were two businesses impacted by the flooding. They occupy the same storefront space at 126 N. Wenatchee Ave. Employees used a squeegee to press the water out of the store’s carpet Tuesday morning.

It is at least the second time this year that the two stores have flooded, said Seth Murray, a Vermilyea Pelle handmade goods craftsman. The drain in the parking lot has been backing up, causing the water to flow into the store like a stream at least an inch thick.

Murray scraped the carpeted floor again and again, scooping up huge, frothy waves of water that they then pushed out the front door.

“They redid the drain in the parking lot this spring and somehow during that process one of the backflow preventers I think was broken or maybe even taken out,” he said. “It seems like once you get enough rain water, it starts coming out of the drains and this is the lowest point.”

They will bring in fans and humidifiers to dry out the shop, Murray said. It will take three to four days. It doesn’t appear that any of the merchandise was damaged, but the drywall is a bit of a concern.

“We’re getting good at it, though,” said Dustin Spencer, Vermilyea Pelle owner.

Numerica Credit Union on Emerson Street in Wenatchee closed Tuesday due to the flooding. The branch even closed its ATMs due to high standing water.

The storm also sent 8 feet of mud, rock and debris flowing over South Lakeshore Road along Lake Chelan and the bypass road Tuesday morning, according to a Chelan County news release. Crews managed to reopen the bypass road by 11 a.m., but it will be a few days before they remove the debris from South Lakeshore Road.

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