WENATCHEE — A Wenatchee man has been charged for allegedly raping a woman at least eight times while she was unconscious.

Steven A. Tibbetts, 54, faces eight counts of second-degree rape, according to Chelan County Superior Court documents. Wenatchee police arrested Tibbetts on Aug. 13.

He was released from the Chelan County Regional Justice Center on Tuesday after posting $250,000 bail. Chelan County prosecutors filed charges Wednesday.

In August, a woman came to the Wenatchee Police Department and alleged Tibbetts had sexually assaulted her over several months, while she was unconscious, according to court documents. The woman gave the police a cellphone she said belonged to Tibbetts.

The woman said the cellphone contained photos and videos of Tibbetts engaging in intercourse with her, according to court documents. She told officers she did not remember the photos or videos being taken.

Tibbetts told officers in an Aug. 3 interview he did take photos of the victim while they were dating between October 2018 and January 2019, according to court documents. The two would engage in intercourse while she was drinking and using drugs. She would pass out and he would continue to engage in intercourse while taking photos.

Officers searched the phone, found 39 videos of the victim and photos with timestamps between November 2018 and August 2019, according to court documents.

Officers were able to identify eight videos where the victim was penetrated.

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