WENATCHEE — The company that owns the mobile home park on Boodry Street impacted by August floods is waiting on Chelan County to repair a culvert before it decides on its next steps.

On Aug. 10, three homes were destroyed as a culvert beneath Squilchuck Road sent water shooting down a hillside, pushing mud and debris into the mobile home park below. Hurst & Sons LLC, of Port Orchard, has owned the Squilchuck Creek Community Development since 2014, owner Caleb Romack said. It is working with the county and engineers to look at the drainage into the park and see what it can do to prevent a similar situation in the future.

“All we can do is to fix it for the future, which is the goal,” Romack said. “We’re hoping they get all the drainage to drain to that one point there and then we’ll take it on our side. We’ll do what the engineer suggests to make sure this doesn’t happen again. We’ll do our best at least. There are no guarantees.”

The flood event was an act of nature that neither the owners of the park nor the county could have predicted, he said.

“We got dumped on with this as much as anybody, but that’s the risk of business and that’s the risk of being a homeowner as well,” he said.

The property owners can’t do much until the county fixes the culvert above the park, he said. The consulting firm PACE Engineers is studying the road and figuring out what the county’s best options are for fixing the culvert.

Hurst & Sons LLC plans to hire PACE Engineers after the culvert is fixed to look at its drainage, Romack said. It will then know whether it can replace the three damaged mobile homes or will need to remove them.

“We’re just at the county’s mercy here,” he said. “You can’t really blame them either. It was a flood event, and what can you do?”

It is unclear what the original drainage plans for the mobile home park were. The Chelan County Community Development Department has been unable to locate the original conditional use permit from when the park was created in 1997, said Lynn Machado, Community Development Department manager.

A Notice To Title document from 2003 does say the park is supposed to have its own private storm drainage system. It also says that the successive property owners of the park would be responsible for the maintenance of the storm drainage system.

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