WENATCHEE — Sewer service may come to more than four dozen parcels in Wenatchee next year.

The city approved a $892,000 project contract to Matia Contractors during last week’s council meeting. The project will extend city sewer service to potentially 51 parcels on Poplar Avenue and Mulberry and Pershing streets between McKittrick and Maple streets. The area is one of a handful within city limits that does that have sewer access. 

Construction is expected to begin next spring and end during the summer. The project will add about 2,300 feet of new piping and will include upgraded pavement and updated curb ramps.

Currently all the properties in the project's scope are on individual septic systems. Although the city won't require the properties to connect to the sewer line, Project Engineer Ryan Harmon said a number of property owners have expressed interest in doing so. 

Any requirements to connect to the sewer line would be due to a failing septic system and these decisions would be made by the Department of Health, said Harmon.

The cost to connect to the sewer line is $10,501; however, property owners can receive a 30% discount if they connect within two years of the project's completion. 

"These charges are based on the cost of the sewer mains and other improvements that the city installed to provide sewer to the property," Harmon said. 

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