WENATCHEE — Police say an argument between a Wenatchee husband and wife turned fatal Sunday.

Edgar Rodrigue, 54, shot Michael Rodrigue, 41, at least twice before turning the gun on himself, Wenatchee Police said Tuesday in a news release.

The couple had been separated for at least two months when Michael Rodrigue, who was living elsewhere, came to Edgar Rodrigue’s home on the 600 block of Highland Drive, the release said.

The two argued before Edgar Rodrigue used a .40-caliber Glock handgun to kill Michael Rodrigue and then himself, police said.

There is no indication of past domestic violence incidents between Edgar Rodrigue and Michael Rodrigue, the release said. It’s not clear why Michael Rodrigue went to the house or what they were arguing about, said Capt. Brian Chance.

Police have finished interviews and collected evidence from the scene, Chance said. There were no eyewitnesses, though family and friends were at the home when the shooting occurred.

“There were several people on the property and there were a couple of people in the house that heard the shots,” Chance said. “But nobody saw the shooting.”

Police expect to release more information following autopsies, which are scheduled for Thursday, according to Chelan County Coroner Wayne Harris.

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