WENATCHEE — A woman was driving from Orondo to Wenatchee on Wednesday when she thought she might have hit something.

She looked in her rear-view mirror and didn’t see anything so she assumed she’d missed it.

Turns out she didn’t. When she got to work in Wenatchee, she discovered a coyote lodged beneath the grill of the sedan. Alive.

Brooks Davenport, who works next door at a commercial printing business, watched as mechanics from a car dealership and an employee from Animal Care & Control worked for 45 minutes to free the coyote.

“So she really did not even see the coyote,” Davenport said Friday. He estimated the coyote rode in the grill for about 10 miles.

Davenport said the coyote had a broken leg, but it’s not known what happened afterward to the animal.

An Animal Care & Control official declined to say and the Humane Society couldn’t be reached for comment Friday.

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