ZAPORIZHZHIA, Ukraine — A defiant Vladimir Putin proclaimed Russia’s annexation of a swathe of Ukraine in a pomp-filled Kremlin ceremony, promising Moscow would triumph in its “special military operation” even as he faced a potentially serious new military reversal.

GENEVA, Switzerland — A U.S. candidate decisively beat her Russian rival to become the next head of the main U.N. technology agency on Thursday in an election seen as a test of how many countries are still siding with Moscow after its invasion of Ukraine.

ODESA, Ukraine — After months of being hammered on Ukraine’s battlefields by U.S. kamikaze drones and longer range rocket systems, Russia is striking back with a new capability if its own, attacking the southern port city of Odesa almost daily with winged missiles from Iran.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Javier Rivera-Aquino is a lawyer who supplemented his income by raising bananas on a 17-acre plot of land in the mountains of west-central Puerto Rico until five years ago, when Hurricane Maria plowed into the island and swept away his plantation.

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia — Hurricane Fiona pounded the Atlantic island of Bermuda with heavy rain and winds on Friday as it tracked northward toward eastern Canada, where it threatens to become one of the most severe storms in Canadian history.

KYIV — Russia launched referendums on Friday aimed at annexing four occupied regions of Ukraine, raising the stakes of the seven-month-old war in what Kyiv called a sham that saw residents threatened with punishment if they did not vote.

WARSAW — Poland, concerned about fighting around Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, has distributed iodine tablets to regional fire departments to give to people in the event of radioactive exposure, a deputy minister said today on Thursday.

DUBAI — Iranian authorities and a Kurdish rights group reported rising death tolls on Wednesday as anger at the death of a woman detained by the morality police fuelled protests for a fifth day and fresh restrictions were placed on social media.

LONDON — President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday ordered Russia’s first mobilization since World War II and backed a plan to annex swaths of Ukraine, warning the West he was not bluffing when he said he’d be ready to use nuclear weapons to defend Russia.

OTTAWA — The death of Britain's Queen Elizabeth has collectors scrambling to secure rare coins and bills bearing her likeness, even as her portrait is set to remain in circulation for years to come on money throughout the Commonwealth.

UNITED NATIONS — The world’s leaders converged on the United Nations on Tuesday for the opening sessions of the body’s annual General Assembly, held in person for the first time in three years, but with twin crises of war in Ukraine and famine in Africa weighing heavily on the gathering.

MEXICO CITY — German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Tuesday urged the Mexican government to stand with Europe in opposing the Russian invasion of Ukraine, invoking the spirit of one of Mexico’s legendary leaders in his appeal.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Three times as president, Joe Biden has said the U.S. would defend Taiwan if China invades the island, and each time his staff argued he wasn’t changing long-standing U.S. policy to keep Beijing guessing about U.S. intentions. His fourth time makes that much harder to do.

PERGAMINO, Argentina — In fields near Argentine farm town Pergamino, spiky green shoots of wheat stretch in neat rows to the horizon, a crop developers hope will boost yields of the grain thanks to a single gene borrowed from sunflowers helping it better tolerate drought.

LONDON — Russia on Tuesday gave support to plans by separatists which it backs in Ukraine to hold referendums paving the way for the annexation of swathes of additional territory, a direct challenge to the West that could sharply escalate the conflict.

LONDON — Teenager Olivia Burch waited for hours in a queue with other mourners to pay a final tribute to Queen Elizabeth as her body lay in state. But despite that devotion, she thought Britain should no longer have a monarchy.

LONDON — British politics returned to center stage on Tuesday after the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, with Prime Minister Liz Truss signaling her priorities by flying to her first major summit and rushing out measures to try to avert an economic slump.

MEXICO CITY — A powerful earthquake struck western Mexico on Monday on the anniversary of two devastating temblors, killing at least one person, damaging buildings, knocking out power and sending residents of Mexico City scrambling outside for safety.

WINDSOR, England — Queen Elizabeth was laid to rest alongside her beloved husband on Monday after a day which saw Britain and the world pay a final farewell to the nation’s longest-reigning monarch, in a dazzling show of pomp and ceremony.

MEXICO CITY — In a trendy part of Mexico City, in a park surrounded by hipster coffee shops and restaurants, stands a figure dressed in white with hands in prayer like a Catholic statuette: the so-called patron saint against gentrification.

CARDIFF, Wales — King Charles ended a tour of the United Kingdom on Friday by visiting Wales, a nation with which he was synonymous through the princely title he held for more than sixty years, but which is re-examining its relationship with the monarchy.

KYIV, Ukraine — Ukrainian officials said on Friday they had found hundreds of bodies, some with their hands tied behind their backs, buried in territory recaptured from Russian forces, in what President Volodymyr Zelenskiy called proof of war crimes by the invaders.

LONDON — The scale is epic: potentially millions of people thronging the streets, more than 100 foreign dignitaries and their staffs streaming in from around the world, hundreds of domestic and international government agencies coordinating logistics, large swaths of roads and transportation…

LONDON — King Charles and his siblings stood vigil by the coffin of their late mother Queen Elizabeth on Friday as tens of thousands of mourners queuing to pay their final respects during her lying in state were told they faced a wait of up to 24 hours.

LONDON — The state funeral of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth will unite people from across the globe, the official in charge of the huge ceremonial event said on Thursday, as mourners from all walks of life queued for hours to file past the late monarch’s coffin.

BELFAST — King Charles arrived in Northern Ireland to a welcome from hundreds of well-wishers on Tuesday as he lead the mourning for Queen Elizabeth across the United Kingdom before his mother’s coffin is flown to London for four days of lying in state.

ABERDEEN, Scotland — Just before boarding a flight at Aberdeen on Friday, the morning after the death of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry put his arm around the shoulder of an airport worker who had expressed her sympathy while accompanying him across the tarmac.

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — As condolences poured in from around the world after Queen Elizabeth’s death, there were mixed feelings among some Africans about the monarch and her country’s colonial legacy on a continent where Britain once ruled more than half the territory.

MEXICO CITY — Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Friday defiantly dismissed criticism of his security policy by domestic adversaries and the United Nations after Congress voted to give the Army control over the civilian-led National Guard.

LONDON — Queen Elizabeth II, who died on Thursday, broke record after record as monarch, becoming an enduring symbol of the country over which she reigned for 70 years even as it changed beyond recognition, losing its empire and undergoing social upheaval.

LONDON — From a new face on the country’s stamps and coins to new words for the national anthem, Britain will see changes with the death of Queen Elizabeth and the accession of her son Charles to the throne.