Curriculum Guides

Over 27 curriculum guides are provided for teachers to use as an educational tool for their classrooms. Our curriculum guides are written by professional educators from across the country. The following NIE curriculum guides addresses the Essential Academic Learning Requirements in the areas of Reading, Writing, Communications, Social Studies, Civics, Science and Math.

The following Curriculum Guides can be downloaded (where indicated), be picked up at the Mission Street office, or mailed upon request. There is a $3.00 postage and handling fee per order.


Kid Scoop Lessons (
Reading First (download here)
Target Date - USA (download here)
Dinosaurs and the Newspaper (K-5)
72-page guide relates today's world lessons to pre-history.


Maintain the Brain (download here)
Now I Get It!: Improving Comprehension With Newspapers (download here)
Parent Newspaper Guide (download here).
Creating a Classroom Paper (download here).
Press Ahead (download here).
Word Scramble (download here).
Newspaper Scavenger Hunt (download here).
By the Numbers (download here)
Mathematical Connections in newspapers for the Middle Grades. High Five (download here) The integrated language arts and journalism curriculum for middle school students.


Citizens Together (download here)
Speaking of the Press (download here)
Hispanic Heritage (download here)
Hispanic American history and sociology.

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