Josiah Garcia, 10, Wenatchee, looks out toward the forests surrounding the Mission Ridge lodge before sketching a water color during an After School Expanded Learning Program field trip from Lincoln Elementary School Wednesday, July 10, 2019. The 25 children on the trip had just completed the Migrant Summer School session. They started the day with a hike toward Lake Clara. The week-long session concludes Thursday with a cooking lesson at the Pybus Market kitchen.

I’m certain it is too late to change, but I’d like to say that I think it would have been safer and smarter and generally better for all if Hale Dog Park and the being-constructed skate park had been separated by the parking lot.

My husband watched as I tossed a Real Simple magazine and three paperback mysteries into the canvas tote, which already held a ridiculous floppy hat, a fabulous pair of earrings, a blow-dryer, a bottle of gin, four limes and an industrial-sized bag of tortilla chips.

In one of her final appearances before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen concluded her testimony by saying that no sane nation would ever devise an immigration system as dysfunctional as that of the United States.

We learned that the nuns from St. Joseph’s Church were leaving Wenatchee and heading out of state in the beginning of July. I had done a photo story on them some years ago, so I wasn’t sure how to approach photographs for this story.

The Horan Natural Area (HNA) provides valuable bird and wildlife habitat on the Wenatchee River delta. Situated within the City of Wenatchee, the area supports a wide range of recreational uses while connecting parks to the north and south. The North Central Washington Audubon Society (NCWAS…

In these days of whirlwind, vertigo-inducing news cycles, one can be excused for failing to peruse a 13-page policy memo released last week by the White House’s Office of Management and Budget that, on its penultimate page, shows just how little the Trump administration cares about its feder…

Publisher Jeff Ackerman writes about shortcomings in Chelan County's jail documented in two reports last week by Reporter Tony Buhr. "Tony’s visit — and eight months of research — discovered a host of problems that make the county jail a very horrible place to be under any circumstance," Ackerman writes. "The purpose of Tony’s story was to bring the issue out of hiding and into our homes."

It’s no surprise that President Donald Trump is trying to eviscerate the Obama-era Clean Energy Plan with a completely inadequate substitute that has far lower targets for reducing carbon emissions from the power sector. Trump has been trying to undo as much of his predecessor’s legacy as possible.

The newspaper received an email from a friend of Karlyn Mitchell’s telling us about Mitchell’s upcoming attempt at hiking up Saddle Rock on the one-year anniversary of her coming down with a paralyzing illness to her spine.

There are few places and occasions where I have to continually ask permission to photograph subjects. One place is a hospital where regulations require written permission from any patient that can be recognized in a photograph I hope to publish. Another one is a jail.