For a state department with an annual budget of more than $370 million, the Department of Natural Resources is surprisingly anonymous. In coordinating Washington’s defense against wildfires, the agency receives attention during hot, smoky summers, yet otherwise is easily overlooked.

I’m always a bit nervous before covering the downtown Halloween trick or treat event because I’m never sure what I’ll find. What I’ve discovered over the years though is that if I’m focused and patient there can be some wonderful photographs to be found.

As they work to repair flawed software that is believed to have caused the crash of two 737 Max planes in the past year, Boeing officials also must repair the public's trust in the aerospace giant that is the largest private employer in Washington.

To anyone who’s followed the news of wildfires in California in recent years — or this week’s Tick fire — the 200-page report commissioned by Los Angeles County officials on last year’s Woolsey fire will sound familiar.

Earlier this month on a Monday I called the Wenatchee Museum & Cultural Center to see if someone was getting the building ready for their Haunted Museum. I had received an invitation to browse the finished haunt later that week but I wanted to get something published earlier to give the …

Serendipity sometimes plays a magical role in life — a fact that that Lena Paige knows as well as anyone. The North Central Washington native once spent seven years singing in Nashville before giving up on her dream of recording the country and western songs she and her mother have spent the…

Watermelon, mango, mint — as well as strawberry milk and strawberry lemonade — are a few of the fruit and candy flavors that were available to vapers last week. No more.

There are some photo stories that just take time to shoot. I work days, weeks, months, sometimes years in advance working with the people I’m going to photograph to figure out the day/time that I could show up and start documenting what’s interesting in their lives.

There is a new word in our lexicon: Nomophobia. Two of every three of you reading this have it. What is this fear gripping the good people of this nation? Nomophobia is the fear of being away from your phone.