This new school year will be a test to see if new Washington legislation and public awareness efforts have gone far enough to protect against another outbreak of measles, a dangerous, highly contagious — and preventable — disease.

Despite revelations of pervasive child sexual abuse that have come to light in recent decades, the Legislature has not provided victims more time to seek justice in civil court. This makes the state a national outlier and cries out for reform.

The Federal Trade Commission (as in the U.S. government) punished Google’s video site YouTube recently with a $136 million fine — which many argue might be too light — for collecting children’s personal data without their parents’ consent. The state of New York, too, imposed a $34 million fi…

Thomas Merton was an American Trappist monk, writer, theologian, mystic, poet, social activist, and scholar of comparative religion. In his short 53-year life, he wrote many books and has many outstanding quotes attributed to him. One of my favorites is:

Reporter Reilly Kneedler and I headed to Waterville Wednesday afternoon to cover people bringing in entries the day before the NCW fair began, for Thursday’s newspaper. With a tight turnaround to meet deadlines, we would need to send the images and copy to the newspaper from the fairgrounds.

He spins like a top, President Donald Trump does. He can get you going one minute, disappoint you the next and leave you wondering whether, in three more minutes, it will be tears or cheers that ultimately await the nation.

The municipal debacle in Wapato offers important lessons for officials throughout Washington. The exposed corruption serves as a testament to the value of strong open-records laws and the vital need for oversight of how local governments use public resources.

Readers responded on The Wenatchee World’s Facebook page to a post on the 45th anniversary of the Apple Yard explosion. Here’s a link to Reporter Dee Riggs’ story on the 40th anniversary of the explosion of a railcar holding volatile material in the switching yard in South Wenatchee. Two die…