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WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Donald Trump’s campaign appears in chaos and has canceled TV ads in key states because it’s short on cash. He’s sinking in polls and many Republicans fear he will take the Senate and state offices down with him on Election Day.

In this age of instant gratification, political polling serves as the trailer for a movie no one wants to see. Gratification is not instantaneous when it’s provided ahead of time.

It was good to get back to shooting high school sports this week even though it was a practice with a strange twist to start, and for a sport that won’t be played in competition until next spring.

In the 53 years since signing my voter’s registration card, I’ve never questioned my right to vote, my access to the ballot or the validity of results from any election. I have always trusted the voting system.

As the Senate Judiciary Committee began hearings Monday on the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, much of the attention focused on whether the committee should even be considering her at this late date, with so many Americans already casting ballots in elections that…

I can’t say it’s ever been a goal of mine to ride a float down a street. I suppose if I thought it was even possible, it might be on my barrel list – interesting but less important than my bucket list.

WENATCHEE — La colaboración con otras personas en la comunidad, la adición de voces más diversas a las mesas donde se toman las decisiones, y el pensar en las cosas de una manera más regional, eran considerados importantes pasos futuros en los condados de Chelan y Douglas mucho antes que com…

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I received an unexpected piece of mail the other day from local Democrats letting me know, “they’re here”. The problem is I think they want to bring “there,” “here.”

We survived bird flu, swine flu, Nile virus, SARS virus, Ebola virus, Zika virus, killer bees, mad cow disease, global warming and the 1999 internet crash.

Recently, I joined a small group of pastors and another civic leader in launching a series of conversations about race and belonging. We’re calling this effort Living Into Inclusivity and our objective is to become more aware of what it means to be part of the dominant white culture as well …

I traveled to Bridgeport this week to photograph PUD crews replacing power poles damaged in the recent wildfires in Okanogan and Douglas counties. I found dedicated workers in a stark, black landscape devoid of any vegetation.

As a retired Navy captain, I am proud to have served my country for over two decades. During that time, I served under six different commanders-in-chief. All honored and respected our military. In contrast President Trump, the current commander-in-chief, regards my fellow soldiers, sailors, …

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