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Don Seabrook | Creating 'Looking back'

Before Wenatchee World Librarian Linda Barta retired, she took Managing Editor Russ Hemphill and myself on a tour of the company's archives including our bound volumes that contain every newspaper we have published in print since the early 1900s, our collection of staff negatives and DVDs from the early 1950s, and file cabinets full of old prints that have been collected over the years.

I brought up the idea of pairing some of the old photographs with new photographs taken from the same location; I remembered seeing a way to electronically take a slider back and forth to view each at the same time and compare them. I wasn't sure how that part of it could be done, but I grabbed a bunch of prints that needed to be filed and started looking through them for places and buildings I could re-photograph.


The exterior of the Mission Court Apartments have remained virtually unchanged on the outside.


Not much has changed around the mission Court Apartments on the corner of Mission and First Streets in Wenatchee photographed Oct. 28, 2019.


The large houses on the corner of Miller and First Streets in Wenatchee have remained nearly unchanged on the outside.


The large houses on the corner of Miller and First Streets in Wenatchee have remained nearly unchanged on the outside but are hidden now by landscaping seen Oct. 28, 2019.


The old Whitman School is now the Wells Fargo Bank branch in Wenatchee.


The old Whitman School is now home of the Wenatchee branch of Wells Fargo bank at the corner of Chelan and Whitman Streets seen Oct. 28, 2019.

Photo Editor Don Seabrook: (509)661-5225

Photo Editor

I was born in Wenatchee, went to Eastmont High School, graduated from the University of Washington with a communications degree in journalism. I have a wife and three children.

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