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Don Seabrook | High school sports: Back at it

It's one of my favorite parts of my job — covering high school sports — and that started Thursday night covering a soccer match between Eastmont and Cashmere.

Sporting events offer many challenges but they also provide a lot of chances to come away with interesting photographs.

My first concern was the lighting. As the game went on, dusk turned into night and the field lights were the only source of illumination. At most sporting events I put my camera on manual exposure so light and dark jerseys don't throw off the automatic adjustments. On Thursday that meant continually changing my shutter speed and ISO settings to match the intensity of the available light.

I had to decide where to shoot from. Would the ball spend most of the time at the Eastmont or the Cashmere goal? Because I wanted to shoot some video of Eastmont's player introductions, I decided to start on their sideline and the goal Cashmere would defend. That was to avoid the sideline referee who moves up and down one half of the field.

It was a good choice early on, as Eastmont scored first.

190913-sportslocal-copyeastmontsoccergallery 07.jpg

Eastmont's Megan Chandler celebrates scoring the first goal against Cashmere in the first half of their soccer game Thursday night, Sept. 12, 2019, at Eastmont. The Wildcats beat Cashmere 5-3.

But near the end of the first half, Cashmere made two goals that I was out of position to photograph. Being away from the action is one of the frustrations of sports photography.

In the second half, with the goals reversed, I found myself on the wrong end of the field again as Eastmont scored twice on the opposite end of the field to take back the lead.

I moved to the other end of the field in time to catch the next Eastmont goal, but it was just a flick of the foot for Eastmont's Jayden Brown.

190913-sportslocal-eastmontsoccergallery 14.jpg

Eastmont's Jayden Brown flicks the ball past Cashmere's defense to score a goal in the second half of their game Thursday night, Sept. 12, 2019, at Eastmont.

The game ended and, back at the office, I began editing photographs. In addition to a gallery of my best photographs and a video I produce from clips shot during the game, my main goal is to come away with one or two images that tell the story of the event for the newspaper.

Two images of Megan Chandler — one making an aggressive play and the other celebrating the first goal of the game — spoke to the action during the contest and the outcome.

190913-sportslocal-eastmontsoccergallery 06.jpg

Eastmont's Megan Chandler is called for an aggressive play, knocking down Cashmere's Angelica Walkley in the first half of their soccer game Thursday night, Sept. 12, 2019, at Eastmont. The Wildcats came back to beat Cashmere 5-3. 

That's one event down and many more to come throughout the school year.

Photo Editor Don Seabrook: (509)661-5225

Photo Editor

I was born in Wenatchee, went to Eastmont High School, graduated from the University of Washington with a communications degree in journalism. I have a wife and three children.

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