Wenatchee School Board

Barron is who the school board needs

Please join us in voting for Martin Barron in the upcoming Wenatchee School Board election. We are confident his wide array of life experiences, unique talents, and impressive finance background will greatly benefit our students and district, and is exactly what is needed on the school board today.

It has been our good fortune over the years to work alongside Martin in a variety of settings. We have been inspired by his selfless and tireless service. He is a good and loyal friend, and takes a genuine interest in everyone and everything around him. We believe these qualities are valuable in creating unity and harmony, especially as a group (school board) works toward positive solutions.

Martin is a great advocate for our children. While traveling abroad with a large high school group, we encountered a challenging situation. Martin’s approach was admirable … he took a step back, he assessed, we all collaborated, and we came to a consensus. It was decided that Martin would be our liaison. From that point, he worked tenaciously to acquire what was desperately needed, giving hours of his time to ensure a successful student experience. In the midst of these sometimes tense moments, Martin patiently demonstrated the utmost respect for all parties involved, proving once again he is a man of kindness and integrity. Due to his resilience, the outcome was beyond our wildest expectations, and created a most amazing and beloved experience for our kids and everyone involved.

We believe this same passion, which he exhibits in all his endeavors, will serve well the individuals of our schools and community, and make a lasting and powerful impact for years to come.

We couldn’t be more enthusiastic about our endorsement and support of Martin Barron, and hope you will make him your No. 1 choice for Wenatchee School District Position 3.

David and Cindy Burnett


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General Election

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 5.