East Wenatchee Council

Support for Marl Kane

Marl Kane chose to return to his roots after a successful international business career.

Marl is offering to put his extensive leadership skills in conflict resolution, union contracts and budgeting to work for East Wenatchee.

I am voting for Marl Kane and I urge you to do the same!

Jane Hensel

East Wenatchee

Wenatchee School Board

Meliesa Tigard is the ‘perfect fit’ for school board

I would like to express my support for Meliesa Tigard for the Wenatchee School Board position. She will bring new and fresh ideas to the board and won’t act trying to look good, but instead push actions that are the best for the students. As a critical-thinking individual with a long professional career as an educator, she is the perfect fit for a board position.

Meliesa in her current job works with students, parents, teachers, tutors and mentors. That is her daily activity. She knows the art of “teaching” and practice the art of “listening.” She will look for partnerships in the community to achieve what all of us, with children in the districts, wants — “an education system of high standard that can be a model not just for the state but for the nation.” She is not looking to be prominent; she is looking to help children succeed.

I encourage the Wenatchee community to take a look to Meliesa’s qualities, ideas and plans for the district.

It is time for a change. We have a new superintendent. He is showing already he is an outstanding leader. We need new elements in the board who are humble, honest and want to be agents of change. We can’t afford to go back to a past of failures, disingenuities and arrogancy. Let’s thrive for a better future for our children.

Maria Alicia Diaz


School board needs Sunny Hemphill’s leadership

I am supporting Sunny Hemphill to continue serving as a Wenatchee School District board member.

Sunny is a passionate, experienced and kind individual who has demonstrated strong leadership skills during her two years on the school board.

She ran in 2017 because of the failure of the school board in that time in setting the appropriate district priorities, overseeing the budget in a responsible and fiscally conservative way and ensuring the superintendent, his cabinet and high-rank administrators at the district meet the goals established in policy and act with the highest standard of ethics, décor, accountability and transparency.

I think it’s important to remind the community about the way that board was operating. It was like a country club group of friends without clear vision and any fiduciary responsibility, allowing questionable spending and refusing to listen to stakeholders and the public in general. A failure bond election was the response from the Wenatchee community to those actions.

Sunny is the type of individual who is not afraid to ask tough questions, and continuously remind people working at the district that their first priority are the kids — their education, their safety and their well-being.

One of the most important accomplishments of Sunny was guiding the board through a challenging process of hiring a new superintendent. That new superintendent has revealed himself to be an outstanding selection who has the right priorities, including making sure that students and their education come first. We would not have Paul Gordon as superintendent if it were not for the invaluable leadership of Sunny Hemphill.

Please vote to re-elect Sunny Hemphill for Wenatchee School Board.

Mario Alberto Lopez


East Wenatchee mayor

Support for Jerrilea Crawford

Throughout my years of employment in the Wenatchee Valley, I have had the privilege of working with a handful of very impressive people.

Of that group, Jerrilea Crawford immediately comes to mind as we head into election season. Jerrilea has a unique quality that enables her to excel in every project she takes part in.

She has the ability to shine in both her personal and professional life, while at the same time making public service a very high priority. Jerrilea in this race for the right reasons, and East Wenatchee is fortunate to have a chance to reap the benefits of her common sense approach to decision making that she exhibits on a day-to-day basis.

I hope East Wenatchee voters seize the opportunity to elect Jerrilea as their next mayor.

Matt Kearny

East Wenatchee

Chelan mayor

Mike Cooney has the right approach for Chelan

I’m a two-term Chelan city council member retiring after serving four years with Mayor Bob Goedde and the last four with Mayor Mike Cooney. Personally, they are both likable, decent people with a willingness to serve and a deep love for this town. But we can only hire one for the job. And it’s a job, not a starring role in someone’s ego trip, not a popularity contest.

It’s a difficult job mostly about getting things done by forming partnerships.

Our two candidates have opposite approaches. You can see it in their signage.

Mayor Bob was in the Army in Vietnam, bless him. His signs are red, white and blue with block letters. He talks in fighting terms. Under his mayoral leadership, Chelan fought with the PUD, with the Fire Department, with Chelan County, with the Department of Transportation, with the Rotary Club, dustups with any active group you can mention. That’s Mayor Bob’s style.

He likes being the center of attention, circling the wagons, rallying the troops and firing up support or opposition, depending on his point of view. I didn’t see lasting benefits come to Chelan from this approach.

Mayor Mike’s campaign signs are harder to spot — a soft green and white that blend into the background as if they’ve already started composting.

He’s big on curbside recycling and had the program up and running within a year of taking over as Mayor. Mike is friendly and soft-spoken, a successful small businessman who is great at getting things done. Chelan’s historic bridge was crumbling, Mike found the money and partnerships to restore it and keep it going downtown, the PUD dock and soon the neighborhoods, where ancient water lines are being replaced on an ambitious schedule.

Chelan has just broken ground on more affordable housing, identified 18 Waterfront Street ends that will expand public access to the lake, championed open space, trails, partnered with Rotary on a new entrance mural, tightened up zoning and building codes and started a fund that will, one day, underground the city’s power lines.

Please join me in voting Mike Cooney for Mayor of Chelan.

Wendy Isenhart


Eastmont School Board

Support for Sasha Sleiman

Sasha has the intelligence and energy to serve all of us who rely upon the Eastmont School District to educate our children.

Sasha will consider all of the input she receives and will ask questions. Her education and life experiences make her the perfect choice for our school board. Her knowledge of the legislative process gained through her serving as a legislative liaison and serving on a state-wide education committee will be invaluable. She’s interested in providing quality education for all students.

I had the experience of attending and speaking at several school board meetings last year. Sasha’s opponent was inattentive and appeared to not listen to the input provided. She voted for an action that was not lawful without asking questions or seeking input about the appropriateness of that action.

I know that Sasha would have sought that input and listened carefully. I also know that she has the strength of character to do what is in the best interests of the District. Sasha is a problem solver with strong people skills.

We need Sasha’s fresh perspective on the Eastmont School Board. To learn more about Sasha, to electsasha.com.

Please vote for Sasha Sleiman, Eastmont School Board.

Carol Wardell

East Wenatchee

General Election

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 5. Online coverage will start after the polls have closed at 8 p.m. wenatcheeworld.com