Publisher Jeff Ackerman writes about shortcomings in Chelan County's jail documented in two reports last week by Reporter Tony Buhr. "Tony’s visit — and eight months of research — discovered a host of problems that make the county jail a very horrible place to be under any circumstance," Ackerman writes. "The purpose of Tony’s story was to bring the issue out of hiding and into our homes."

I’ve been doing this newspaper stuff for more than 40 years; and in that time, I thought I’d heard — or read — just about everything there is to hear or read in a small town newspaper. Then I heard and read about a 27-year-old East Wenatchee man named Cameron Jeffrey Wilson.

There were maybe 50 or 60 of us gathered in the Pybus Public Market parking lot, a light drizzle amid the gray, early-evening skies. We were there for a quick bike ride through town, escorted by a police car with flashing lights.

There is nothing fake about the Apple Blossom Festival. It really does have a queen and her court. And there's a parade, foot race, bike race, carnival, ball, movie and all kinds of events associated with that community tradition that is celebrating its 100th year.

So, a professional hockey team — composed of 13 white players in a league where 95 percent of all players are also white and beat the hell out of each other in front of a 93-percent white audience — is offended by a dead, white woman who sang a song she didn’t write 80 years ago because it i…