In this column, The Wenatchee World photography staff provide a behind-the-scenes look at the images we produce.
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We learned that the nuns from St. Joseph’s Church were leaving Wenatchee and heading out of state in the beginning of July. I had done a photo story on them some years ago, so I wasn’t sure how to approach photographs for this story.

The newspaper received an email from a friend of Karlyn Mitchell’s telling us about Mitchell’s upcoming attempt at hiking up Saddle Rock on the one-year anniversary of her coming down with a paralyzing illness to her spine.

There are few places and occasions where I have to continually ask permission to photograph subjects. One place is a hospital where regulations require written permission from any patient that can be recognized in a photograph I hope to publish. Another one is a jail.

Editor Marco Martinez wanted to get a graduation story from each of the main Wenatchee-area schools: Eastmont, Wenatchee, WestSide, and Wenatchee Valley College. Reporter Nevonne McDaniels talked to the schools and got some ideas of students to profile.