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Don Seabrook | Harvesting Wenatchee memories

I’ve become somewhat of a historian at The Wenatchee World, not because I have any unique abilities; it’s more that I’m historical, having breathed Wenatchee’s apple-scented air for over 60 years.

So when tasked with digging up archive clippings from our dusty, large, and, I’m realizing, heavy volumes from 100 years ago, their age is not that far from where the apple falls — so to speak.


All of the Wenatchee Daily World and Wenatchee World newspapers are contained in bound volumes and stored in a cool, remote, and very dark storage area in the main office.

210123-newslocal-cashmeredayb 02.jpg

A Wenatchee Daily World article on Jan. 26, 1921, announces the new Cashmere candy called "Aplets."


The SS Wenatchee sailed from New Jersey to Seattle on its maiden voyage in March of 1921.


Shacktown, now Riverfront Park in Wenatchee, was the subject of an article in the Feb. 7, 1921 Wenatchee Daily World.


A raid on the Eagles' Hall in Wenatchee was the banner headline in the March 4, 1921 Wenatchee Daily World. 

210410-newslocal-theatergopher 02.jpg

An article about Leo Couch and his trained gopher was published on April 15, 1921, in The Wenatchee Daily World.

pictures pictures.jpg

A plea for local photographs ran in the April 18, 1921 issue of The Wenatchee Daily World.

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I was born in Wenatchee, went to Eastmont High School, graduated from the University of Washington with a communications degree in journalism. I have a wife and three children.

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